Clothing Tips For Working Dangerous Jobs

When you work a very dangerous job, it is essential to choose the right personal protective equipment or PPE, to keep you safe. Simply put, this is a special type of protective clothing designed to protect you against all the potential hazards, from heat and flames to arc, hot liquids, bloodborne pathogens, vapors or toxic solid matter. Electrical workers, firefighters, health care professionals, scientists and some construction workers who come into direct contact with asbestos are only some of the people who must wear high-quality PPE at their workplace. Here are several useful tips and hints on choosing the right type of personal protective equipment for you:

1. Understand And Assess Your Work Environment And Determine Your Protection Needs

The first thing you need to do in order to make sure that you choose the right protective equipment for your job is to assess the overall work environment. Identify and assess all the hazards that you come or may come into direct contact with, such as direct impact, exposure to extreme temperatures, biological hazards, radiation, harmful dust, chemical exposure, compression or penetration hazard. This will help you identify your protection needs and choose the right material for your equipment, one that will allow you to move freely and feel very comfortable, while still offering the utmost protection.

2. Understand The Importance Of Choosing The Right Eye Protection

There are several types of protective equipment that one may need: foot protection, body protection, eye and hand protection and so on. However, sight is one of our most valuable assets and we cannot afford to take it for granted, this is why choosing the right eye protection is crucial. Some of the aspects that you need to consider before making your choice is the durability of the eye wear, the ability to provide efficient protection without restricting your movement or vision in any way, along with the general comfort rating.

3. Choose The Right Protective Gloves

Just like it happens with choosing the right eye protection equipment, there are some aspects to consider when buying your protective gloves as well. What types of chemicals will you be handling, and what is the nature of the contact? Will you immerse your hands into liquid? What degree of thermal protection do you need and what are the grip and abrasion resistance requirements?

Also, there are several types of materials used when manufacturing protective gloves, such as fabric or coated fabric, metal mesh, canvas or leather, and all of them provide different levels of protection. Insulated rubber gloves are highly recommended for electrical workers, as well as for those whose hands are exposed to extreme temperatures.

These three useful tips will certainly come in handy when choosing your personal protective equipment. If you have decided it is time to invest in protection or to change the old and used PPE, then you can always choose a professional and reputable store or company that sells health and safety gear in Auckland. Safety knows no compromise, especially when you work in a dangerous environment!